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With less than one week to go until the March 5 NHL trade deadline, TSN Hocke...

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With less than one week to go until the March 5 NHL trade deadline, TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger has the latest on Vancouvers Ryan Kesler, Buffalos Tyler Myers, and Ottawas Chris Phillips and offers some insight on their situations and potential trade status. Brett Ritchie Jersey . We heard Ryan Kesler say on Thursday that theres nothing to the latest rumours that he has asked for a trade. So are we done with it, or is this a case where its "where theres smoke, theres fire?" Darren Dreger: There has to have been some level of dialogue between Ryan Kesler and the Vancouver Canucks, or the Canucks telling Kesler that they need to improve, they need to get younger, they need to add a bit more offensive punch. Theyre going to start sifting some names out there to rival teams and his name is going to be among them. Because heres what I know. I know that teams were contacted as far back as a month ago to say have a look at our roster. If there is a member of this organization that you want to take a run at then were listening, were open for business. And that includes Ryan Kesler. How realistic is it that he could be dealt by next Wednesdays deadline? Dreger: Its a complicated deal because Kesler is a valuable asset of the Vancouver Canucks. Hes got a contract that makes a lot of sense. Financially, he is sound. He is a bargain, frankly, as long as he plays up to his level of potential. But is it realistic? Yes, because of the interest that will be out there. There will be interest from so many different teams, and we know as I said earlier that the Canucks have reached out. But the Canucks need premium return to make this deal a reality and six days away from the trade deadline is not a lot of time to close on such a big deal. What are you hearing about two defencemen at opposite ends of their careers, 35-year-old Chris Phillips and 24-year-old Tyler Myers? Dreger: In terms of Phillips, theres a negotiation thats ongoing between the Ottawa Senators and Phillips to keep him a lifer in Ottawa. If that doesnt go well, if Phillips doesnt like the offer that has been presented, then Bryan Murray may have to make a very difficult decision. There would be interest in Chris Phillips, a veteran player, very sound defensively, maybe hes a good fit with the Boston Bruins. In terms of Myers, there is considerable interest according to sources close to the Buffalo Sabres. But GM Tim Murray isnt trying to push this guy out the door. Is he available? Is he interested in moving him? Yes he is. Were looking at Toronto as potentially a fit, as would be the Anaheim Ducks. And the Colorado Avalanche are definitely looking for a defenceman. So there will be options, but come ready to pay a premium. Antoine Roussel Jersey .5 million, two-year contract with the San Francisco Giants on Thursday, a deal that covers his final two arbitration seasons. Devin Shore Jersey . - Tiger Woods only made it through 10 holes Thursday — this time because of the weather, not his back.BOSTON -- Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino has undergone surgery to release a nerve in his right thumb. Boston said Dr. Thomas Graham operated in Cleveland and that Victorino is expected to be ready to participate in spring training. Victorino hit .294 wiith 15 homers, 61 RBIs and 21 stolen bases in his first season with the Red Sox, and his three-run double off the Green Monster sparked the Red Sox to their Game 6 win over St. Jamie Benn Jersey. Louis and their third World Series title in 10 seasons. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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